1. Research / Review / Renew

    We are a dynamic technology company dedicated to the global automotive industry.

    Who we are

    Chrysalis Solmotive LTD is a UK-based technology company dedicated to providing industry-leading finance renewals software and solutions for the automotive industry.  Our market-leading system, Key2Key, is the most comprehensive CRM and DMS management system available anywhere in the world, and the industry’s best tool to help you capitalise on the sales and renewals potential of your customer database.  If you want to maximise your customer retention and loyalty, Chrysalis Solmotive are here to help.

    Chrysalis Solmotive’s systems and services are the most widely utilised in the UK motor industry, and are a powerful and growing presence across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and North America and Canada.  Find out how we can help you get the very best from, and for, your customer database by contacting us.

  2. Lead Generator

    Pre-calculated Opportunities

    We work in partnership with the Brand and their Financial Services teams to create bespoke client business rules, these are then applied to the customer database to produce compelling customer propositions that maximise the reach of quarterly marketing offers and campaigns.

    Typically leads are generated and distributed to the dealer networks at the start of the new offer campaigns going live, using the in-dealership Key2Key system.  This lead generation technique allows both the Brand and their Financial Services provider to remain in control of data flow at all times.  This ensures that their dealer network has to complete the minimum amount of work in order to enjoy maximum financial reward, in tandem with driving market share.

  3. Renewal Manager



    This is our traditional in-dealer renewals-management system, which conveniently and effectively affords access to the entire live-customer portfolio for vehicles sold at each specific dealership.  By matching customers against the most recent marketing offers supplied by brand, the Key2Key system provides a comprehensive overview of what renewals opportunities the customer is able to take advantage of.  Subject to visual valuation and appraisal, the customer simply drives the old car in and drives their new car away.

    For more information, watch this video:

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